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Antônio Peticov

Like so many other immigrants from all over the world, the Peticovs came to Brazil in the 1920s in search of security, peace and conditions to thrive. Bulgarians of humble origin, serious farmers and dedicated to work, crossed the Atlantic with passages paid by the Brazilian government, which, after abolishing slavery, needed labor in the field.     The family faced the adversities generated by the language, the precarious conditions of the farms, the strange food and the over-warm weather. But with great faith and dedication, he built the future in the strong colors of the countryside of São Paulo. His son André married, widowed, and became a pastor, graduating in Theology, by the Baptist Seminary in Rio de Janeiro.     On July 2, 1946, Antonio Peticov was born, at a strategic stop in the city of Assis, in São Paulo, almost on the border with Paraná. In the midst of evangelist Andre's travels, his wife, Gláucia, gave the second child to the world. Throughout his life, Antonio would face with his parents the challenge of preaching the word of God for Brazil. First, in the Holy Spirit; then in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and again in São Paulo.     It was years of discovery and learning for Antonio, who, experiencing different scenarios, was assimilating colors, aromas, flavors, sounds and assembling a balanced rational and emotional file of all this.     It was in 1960, in his early teens, that his father was involved in the organization of the X Congress of the World Baptist Alliance in Rio de Janeiro that Antonio felt the awakening of his vocation to the arts. He lived with Mauro Salles Júnior, art director, who worked at the Publishing House Batista.     When he saw the creativity of the graphic artist materializing in mock-ups, mobiles, posters and other pieces, he realized that his relation with the world would be through art. The older brother, Walter, the "artist" of the family, won a beautiful painting kit. With the present, came a toast, a mini kit, that was for the youngest Antonio.     At the age of 14, he made his first works, which he sold during the event of the religion of his parents. An awakening began that would, in truth, become eternal. Antonio Peticov is a permanent creator, free of compromises with schools or trends, without limit to the use of the most different supports, tireless in the quest for quality and owner of an unusual language of his own.     He does not believe in inspiration. Face the challenge of nothingness to create all you need in the passion to convey your emotions. He began by studying / rereading other painters, from Aldemir Martins to Picasso, to masters of classical painting, such as Jean-François Millet and the innovator Paul Klee (researcher of "utility" in art). Then create your own works. And he draws, paints, sculpts and records with unique and surprising language.     Committed to himself, faithful only to his own artistic beliefs, Antonio Peticov is a self-taught person who has learned from books, conversations and practices with teachers. You are sure that, always, it is possible to do even more and better. So he uses computer programs in his artwork.     Do not think the reader is that the trajectory was smooth, calm, of blue sky and calm waters. Antonio Peticov, from his humble beginnings, through the absence of formal education and access to culture, had to fight hard to achieve international success as a plastic artist. He was a vibrant participant of the "beat generation", instrumentalist in rock 'n roll shows, one of the creators of the band "Os Mutantes", owner of a psychedelic poster shop in Rua Augusta, São Paulo, an artisan (made leather clothes) and even a wall painter.     But he never abandoned the certainty that his future was in the plastic arts. So much so that in England, while waiting a month to attend a Jimi Hendrix show, he found, worked and evolved with the transformer Hélio Oiticica. At the same time, he was influenced by comic books and American Pop Art, which made him better understand Oswald de Andrade and his "Anthropophagic Movement".     Imagine, at this time, the conflict that Peticov lived in relation to the austere and religious positions of his parents. Thus, he went to live alone without, however, cutting off relations with his family, who always loved and loved him. In 1970, a victim of the Military Dictatorship, he was arrested and tortured. Peticov was a cultural agitator, a person who bothered by his revolutionary positions. He was reported and caught with LSD. Solto, left the country and lived 29 years abroad.     After working in London (England), Milan (Italy) and New York (USA), participating in shows around the world and having works in public and private collections, Peticov, after half a century of work, remains a young and restless creator. Your students realize this when they enroll. He is always investigating the possible platforms, the universe of colors, the possibilities of textures,the strength of the volumes and the incidence of light. And the most important: in what new topic can open a discussion. Because your work has that focus, questioning, getting people to reflect on themselves and the world. Stairs, brains, labyrinths, nature, master re-readings, landscapes, objects, colors, people, musical scores, tools and anything apparently alive or dead, real or imagined may be the reason for the work of this artist without frontiers, eternal traveler for the imagination. Do not resist, have courage as he always did and immerse yourself in his work. You will not regret it, because Antonio Peticov is sure that art is life.


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