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About the author

Leonardo Castro

Once in the woods, it does not go away at night: this is me! Explorer, self-taught photographer, an avid student of history, political science and philosophy, obsessed by nature; from insects to lightning! I sum up this intricate dualism! Born and raised in the outskirts of the Mata Atlântica mineira-capixaba, in the quiet little town of Espera Feliz (borders of Caparaó National Park where Pico da Bandeira is located, 3rd highest point in the country) I soon learned to become a responsible "environmentalist" traditional, non-psychotic, one consecrated vaccinated against the lie in eternal relationship with the truth and with God. It is on the table, on the books, that I sense myself and it is in the forest that I encounter the exempt reality where I usually invest my money and sweat in the art without cropping (difficult way!), Truly unique opportunities that I never know if they will be within my reach - and if they will return me with the expected return. The fact is that if my motorcycle takes me where I need to get, more or less always find a way to find out.


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