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From R$ 141.00 3x R$ 47.00



| 3x of R$ 47.00

From R$ 141.00

SKU: GHP17-0029

About the author

Guilherme Pucci

Guilherme Pucci is an architect from São Paulo. He was interested in photography as a child and with maturity, he began to understand how the possibility of creating a channel of direct communication with the spectators, overcoming unconscious barriers and clearing the way for deeper sensations. He believes that matter "lives" and is able to relate an experience of place, time and the people who once interacted with it. This concept holds true for mountains, buildings or even small objects as long as you have something to share. Its purpose for its images is to expose this matter, inducing it to reveal a hidden narrative that accesses the interior and an individuality of each one, awakening a particular capture action. Its process of creation resembles an architectural design, in which space becomes an active and hidden subject, thought-provoking and creating a scenario to ask, occupy and fill, even with emptiness.


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