Photography Models and Finishes

On this page we will explain how the size of the photographic prints we make in our gallery works. All for ease at the time of your purchase and decoration.

Our models have measures with and without pass-partout, which is the name given to one of the most important pieces that is used when framing a photo, having two practical functions: the first is to perform the harmonic transition between the work and the Frame, the second is to ensure the safety of the image, since the passe-partout usually has a greater thickness that guarantees a space between the work and the glass, avoiding that it can adhere in that glass and it spoils. Another feature is that the paper has neutral pH, which helps to protect the artwork against fungi and also against moisture.

Models we use without or with paspatur:

Onix, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Ruby and Platinum.

Models of frames that we use:

White, Wood, Black, Without Frame and Methacrylate.

Measures without pass-partout and frame (photo only):

Onix: 16×24 Gold: 44×66
Bronze: 24×36 Diamond: 90×60
Silver: 30×45 Ruby: 80×120 / Platinum: 100×150
Measures with pass-partout (without frame):

Onix: 25×33 (border 4.7) Gold: 55×77 (border 5,7)
Bronze: 33×45 (Edge 4.7) Diamond: 71×101 (Edge 5.7)
Silver: 40×55 (edge ​​5.2) Ruby: 80×120 * In this size we do not use / Platinum: 100×150 * In this size we do not use
Measures with pass-partout and frame:

Onix: 28×36 Gold: 60×82
Bronze: 36×48 Diamond: 76×106
Silver: 43×58 Ruby: 85×125 / Platinum: 105×155
Expand the example:

Sala copy

The best of Methacrylate

Often used as a lightweight and break resistant alternative when compared to glass, we apply acrylic printing of 3mm or 4mm with PS plate with 1mm or 2mm on the reverse side. In the aluminum chassis it is indented 5cm (smaller sizes), 7cm (intermediate sizes) and 10cm in the perimeter as a spacer.


Pass-partout on images

The Pass-partout plays a major role in the assembly of the board. It has the technical function of not allowing the physical contact of the glass with the printed image. This clearance of about 1mm allows a layer of protective air essential for the long-term preservation of the part. That is, a greater guarantee of the durability of your print, besides the elegance in the assembly of your painting. Imported pass-partout and has PH neutral, another important factor in image conservation.


Exemplo de paspatur na imagem com moldura

Paspatur example in framed image

Source: Print HD / Morena Allemand