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Exchange Policy

Exchange policy

Deadline for cancellation

According to the rules of the CDC (Code of Consumer Protection), the customer who purchases through virtual stores enjoys up to 07 (seven) days after receiving the product to register the withdrawal of the purchase.

According to article 49, the consumer may withdraw from the contract within seven days of signing, or from the act of receiving the product or service.

Sole paragraph – If the consumer exercises the right of repentance foreseen in this article, the amounts eventually paid, in any way, during the reflection period, will be immediately returned monetarily updated.

Exchange policy

If you wish to exchange a product that you did not like the frame, color or size, you can choose another item as stock available directly at one of our stores or by phone (11) 5523-3486. If there is a difference in price, payment of the difference must be made in accordance with the procedures sent by the after sales department. The new product has a term of up to 30 (thirty) days to be replaced, after the receipt in our Distribution Center. Provided it is in the same condition as received. The product must be returned in its original packaging (without adhesive tapes or labels affixed directly to the product packaging), accompanied by its original labels and the product can not show any indication of use.


– Products will not be accepted for exchange, outside the conditions demanded above and will automatically be sent to the address of delivery of the register. We do not reserve products. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Avoid testing the product in a manner that gives indications of use.

Follow the tips below:

– Be careful when transporting the goods from the car to the house, from the house to the room, etc.

– Ask the help of 2 or more people if the product is large and heavy.

If the product shows signs of use, the exchange will not be completed and Peach reserves the right to return the item and the freight charge.

Defective product

The products marketed by have up to 90 (90) days of warranty after their acquisition in case of natural manufacturing faults, according to the exchange period established by the Consumer Protection Code, article 26, paragraph II. Except products that come specified in the description of it. The contractual guarantee is the sole responsibility of Peach.

The exchange request must be communicated in advance in our Customer Service Center. By e-mail or by telephone (11) 5523-3486. The client should send a paper in writing, a brief report on the alleged defect to which the complaint relates, clarifying the place of installation of the product.

Upon arrival at our Distribution Center, the product will be submitted for review by our suppliers, who will issue a final report on the product. The average term for this analysis and return to the customer is up to thirty (30) days after receipt of the product at Peach. It is only after the issuance of this report that the after-sales department will continue the exchange process, taking into account the final deadline of 30 days.

Favorable exchange analysis

The customer will receive, at no additional cost, the replacement of the same product at the origin address. In the absence of the same model in stock, the customer will be notified and may choose another model to exchange between the options available on the site, respecting the credit limit. If there is a price difference between the chosen product and the claimed product, payment of the difference must be arranged.

Non-exchange or return report

The product will be returned to the customer with the letter of disapproval, without right of substitution, when presenting:

– Absence of defect (Not verified of the damage indicated by the client);

– Evidence of inappropriate use of the product;

– Natural wear due to use;

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