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Frame Installation Policy

* Installation services work only on national territories *

How does the installation work?

It is done through an outsourced service that is provided to Peach Photo Art. They are scheduled through the buy / sell system at the time of purchase. Our gallery has a specific day for the schedule, which usually happens every Thursday.

Who installs?

By company rules, the driver and installer are not responsible for checking the material they will install. Upon arrival at the gallery or the administrative, the material is ready, packed and separated with delivery address and work / photograph certification. Usually it is only an installer, equipped with equipment ready to meet the demand and the size of the frame, regardless of the request.

What do I need to schedule the installation?

After completing your order (both online and in the physical gallery), the salesperson / clerk will make a cadastral file that must contain: Full name of the customer that will receive the merchandise on the day / order number / telephone number for emergency contact (In case of traffic or damage of the part on the way) / observations of the application / complete address of the installation and time. But just remembering, that our facilities are made from 10am to 6pm.

Specifications that are given to the installer

– Is required correct address with ZIP code, number and neighborhood ta? Pay close attention because if the address is wrong it will not make a second attempt.

– The driver and installer do not climb stairs of very large buildings, make sure that the product fits in the elevator, if it does not exist it will not install.

– The installer can not stay more than 15 minutes waiting for the client. Make sure the customer is there to serve you and supervise you at the time of installation, remember that the driver and installer have schedules to follow.

– When arriving with the product in the residence, make sure that it is correct and without damages, after the finalization of the installation we do not make further exchanges of the merchandise.

Installation value

For larger frames (150×100) the value is charged by the wall hole. Call our “Call Center” (11) 5523-3486 and make a quote. Once this is done, we will wait for the deposit confirmation and schedule the installation.

Installation locations

Every region of the Capital of São Paulo.

Any questions we at Peach We put ourselves at your disposal for any clarifications that may arise.

Kind regards.

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