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Be a Franchisee

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Joining a network like Peach means gaining immediate competitive advantage, which represents security and the certainty of success in your new business.

Network Strength

The strength of the network is born of the cooperative process of generating intelligence, emanating from customers, suppliers, partners and the network components. The synergy between the agents of the process generates continuous improvement of products and services.

The market

The Brazilian franchise market is already the third largest in the world, losing only to the United States and Japan. According to the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), this market grew by around 15% in 2009, with revenues higher than R $ 60 billion. Low risk and support in the routine of the business itself are the main attractions of the franchises.

Franchisee Profile

Among the main characteristics desired in franchisees are:

– Desire to do more for the customer than expected,

– Profile Entrepreneur, seller;

– Willingness to learn;

– View of administrator;

– Good personal relationship;

– Identification with the company’s business;

– Positive attitude;

– Availability for investment, resources and time;

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