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Light and shadow on rocks in Petra, Jordan

asia, crevice, jordania, light, nature, petra, rocks, shade, vertical

From R$ 141.00 3x R$ 47.00



| 3x of R$ 47.00

From R$ 141.00

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About the author

Alvaro Elkis

The photographer Alvaro Elkis manages to capture as no one the essence of things: landscapes, objects, places and daily life that turns into poetry when his click freezes a gesture or an event. Alvaro began his career early; before the age of 20 he was already immersed in the fashion world and worked with the trendy J.R. Duran, known in the middle (and outside) for photographing celebrities and big top models. But Elkis' restless mind and latent creativity said that living from a single universe would be little to him: he needed to pack, put his powerful equipment on his back, and discover the world, as a pathfighter traveling at least 5 times year to research, increase your world baggage and collect materials for your photographs, which are sought after as real works of art by architects, companies, and cool people. In his art gallery in the district of Perdizes, in São Paulo, Alvaro spends hours following the image treatments that his photographs receive, attending clients and always looking for the most special corner of the wall to expose his works of art. The photographer makes limited, very short editions of his work, enumerating each of them - framed as a piece of the world there ready to be taken to many other places.


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