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About the author

André Dib

Photographer since 2002, André Dib produces reports for the main journals of nature, sport and tourism in Brazil and abroad. He participated in several expeditions in the country to record the way of life of traditional peoples and the natural wealth of biomes. The pulsating nature and the way in which the human being fits into it is the main focus of his work, which is not restricted to landscapes, but also to everyday scenes, and to the customs and traditions of a diverse world in its origins. André has won several national and international awards with themes related to nature. Among them are the ABB Photo Competition, in Zurich, Switzerland; two FUNARTE awards in Brazil; and two Latin American photographers, presided over by Magnum photographer René Burri. He won the first prize at the International Mountain Film Festival, and was a finalist for the HSBC Journalism Award, with the theme of sustainability. The photographer also works on book projects. Clicked the scenarios of the book Parques Nacionais Brasileiros, published by Editare in 2014, worked on E-Pharma's book on health in the corners of Brazil, launched by Auana Editora in 2014 and currently works on the Madeira-Mamoré Book project, in the Amazon, still in the execution phase. The strength of the images captured "in loco" and the challenge of seeking inspiration in isolated and difficult to reach places have become the mark of the photographer's trajectory. Whether it's six thousand meters high, in the steep Andean peaks or in the green dampness of the Amazon, Dib's lens always manages to frame something livelier, more daring, more novel, more beautiful, more significant.


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